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Cutting and punching press services

Cutting and punching press services

We have electrical plant and a large park of machine tools:

  • Surface Grinder SPC-20
  • Lens Grinder KO-160-01
  • ED-40
  • Coordinate rrinder and drill machines
  • Press: PSM-10S, 16S-PSM, PAD-25A PSM-40 PSM-63
  • NG3c sheet metal guillotine machines
  • wiring devices: Komax, Tyco - AMP
  • lathes and milling machines
  • welding

This allows us to make tools and forms on their own and regenerate it.

We provide services for cutting and stamping parts on hydraulic presses and produce  flat nuts, brass, steel from M6 to M12 with a thickness  2.5 mm (application: potentiometers, lamps, buttons, etc.).

We operate  according to the Quality Management System ISO 9001:2008.

We have the status of a workplace for the disabled, so cooperation with our company gives the opportunity  relief for  PFRON.

We provide job, possibilities and opportunities  for the diables , the purpose of our company is to help in their employment.


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