The only Polish manufacturer of toothbrushes

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Our new beard brush packaging

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Atos Mop -CHANGED-

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VIP clothes brush with wooden handle

For You
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One toothbrushes for adults HARD. At your wishes, back on sale.

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Mop Macho

The best mop in the world. Extremely absorbent and durable. Made of fluffy microfiber. Check it out today!
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Ekosanel - Exclusive and ecological cleaning series

We recommend products 100% made of natural ingredients
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Let's sweep!

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TV Sanel recommend

"Kulisy produkcji"
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By purchasing Sanel products, you save more and support the rehabilitation and professional development of blind people.


Contributions to the Fund referred to in Art. 21, are reduced due to the purchase of a service, with the exception of trade, or production of an employer employing at least 25 employees per full-time working time, which reaches the employment rate of disabled persons.

1. Persons with disabilities classified as severely disabled.

2. Blind, mentally ill or mentally retarded persons or persons with pervasive developmental disorders or epilepsy - classified as moderately disabled in the amount of at least 30%, hereinafter referred to as "the seller"




Become our b2b client!

If you decide to become our b2b client and have attractive terms of cooperation, please read this message. We invite you.
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We invite you to follow our profile on Instagram.

We invite you to follow our profile on Instagram.
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Welcome to our new website

It is with great pleasure that we present you the new version of our website. At the same time, we invite you to use our online store.
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