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Lubelska, Małopolska, Podkarpacka, Podlaska...


Lubelska, Małopolska, Podkarpacka, Podlaska Regional Gala of the 17th Edition of the Icebreakers Competition 2022


Krakowska Spółdzielnia Niewidomych Sanel took part in the 17th edition of the Lodołamacze 2022 competition. We took second place in the Protected employment category for special social sensitivity and promoting professional activity of disabled people in various areas of life. According to the competition jury, our cooperative is a model worth following in the field of vocational rehabilitation.

The Final Gala of the 17th Edition of the Icebreakers 2022 Competition was held on September 26, 2022 at the Museum of the Home Army. Gen. Emil Fieldorf Nil in Krakow. You can see the report from the event here.



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